It is no secret that water is needed to live, but exactly how does it help us become the best version of ourselves? We're going to break down today exactly how beneficial it is for us to intake a substantial amount of water everyday and how it can help us achieve better health. 

Why Your Body Needs Water

Water is essential for detoxing the body from toxins that are present in the food we eat, as well as the dirt, fungus, and bacteria that are in our body. Without enough water, all the toxins in the body remain undigested, leading to a build-up in the body. Water is also needed to flush out any excess salt, minerals and chemicals in the body.

Reduce.The.Bloat: One of the main reasons why our body does not properly digest our food is because our body doesn't have enough water in the body. Drinking plenty of water is the best way to reduce the chance of bloating, which occurs when our body does not have enough water to properly digest and absorb all of the nutrients and minerals in the food we eat.   

The Best Ways To Stay Hydrated

 1. We know sometimes plain water 



The Benefits of Drinking Water: 1.Helps Fight Disease 2.Helps You Stay Hydrated 3.Lowers Your Risk of High Blood Pressure 4.Protects your Eyesight 5.Reduces Your Risk of Dementia 6.Improves your Productivity 7.Increases Your Immune System 8.